Caring for Your Golf Shoes

Shoes that are manufactured for a specific sport are undoubtedly more expensive than their more general counterparts. Golf shoes in particular are expensive investments for any serious golfer. Therefore, extra care will have to be showered upon these shoes to ensure that they remain wearable for an extended amount of time.

Leather golf shoesLeather golf shoes in particular require extra attention since they are made of natural materials. Although the material will allow your feet to remain cooler, a leather shoe that becomes waterlogged unfortunately has a tendency to shrink or otherwise become deformed.

Even though most leather shoes have a waterproof outer coating, they still generally need more maintenance compared to a shoe made of synthetic material. Therefore, it is important to check whether your golf shoe comes with a waterproof warranty.

As soon as that warranty expires, make sure that you apply a coat of mink oil, wax, or any other special leather creme on the shoes at least once a year. The added coating will not only help protect your shoes but keep them looking cleaner and more polished.

golf shoeLikewise, you should always make sure that you store your shoes in a well-ventilated area. Never leave them in the trunk of your car since very hot or very cold temperatures could cause leather shoes to dry out and crack. Room temperature is the ideal environment for your valuable investments. In addition, you should also properly dry the shoes before you store them in any closed location.

One other way that you can care for your golf shoes and prolong their life is to simply insert shoes trees inside them after every use. Again, leather shoes stand to gain the most from the use of shoes trees since they are the ones most prone to warping.

Aside from helping your shoes maintain their shape, shoe trees will also draw out the accumulated moisture from your feet.

This will prevent mold from growing on your leather shoes as well as prevent the infusion of any nasty odors inside your synthetic shoes.

spike golf shoeIf your golf shoes have spikes on the soles, then it is also recommended that you replace the spikes every so often. Due to a person’s specific way of standing or walking, shoe soles can become worn out at various places and at various degrees. Likewise, constantly walking on cemented paths will hasten the wear on your shoes’ spiked sole.

Spiked shoes are specifically prone to having uneven soles since some spikes could actually fall off or worn out after prolonged use. The biggest danger of worn out spikes is obviously leaving the actual sole of your golf shoes more vulnerable to damage.

Although you might feel apprehensive about replacing the spikes on your own, modern innovations have actually made the daunting process much more convenient. Spikes simply need to be unscrewed in order to dislodge them from the sole.

The convenience affords you the chance to change spikes at least every 10 rounds on particularly busy seasons. You will likewise need to replace your spikes more often if you frequently lay on rough terrain. Well-maintained spikes will help you keep a better foothold on the various terrains as well as improve your form.

In the end, the best way to keep your shoes in tiptop shape is to clean them after every round. This however does not mean that you will need to apply the full arsenal of cleaning tools on your shoes every time. Sometimes, a simple wipe with a damp cloth on the shoe surface and deep creases as well as the removal of clumps of dirt can already go a long way.

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