Everything about Printed Circuit Board

What is a PCB?

Simply put, a printed circuit board can also be called as “printed wiring boards”. It has many uses in almost every industry. Many technologies make use of this to operate many gadgets and technologies especially computers for general use. It has wires that connect various points together.

This card is made out of plastic or fiberglass so it couldn’t conduct electricity. By the use of copper, it could direct the electricity to where it supposed to be or where it wants it to go. It is used to connect electronic components together by the use of metal to conduct electricity. This metal is the key for electricity to travel from one electronic circuit to another. That is why it is very useful in creating computers, mobile phones, and many other electronics.

A breadboard can also be used in building a circuit. However, this is time-consuming and mistakes can occur because of small components that are easy to connect incorrectly. This could cause the circuit to fail. It is also prone to damage because these small connections are delicate. For a computer, a large number of printed circuit board are made for a certain job. In some cases, a person can design his or her printed circuit board to make it more convenient for them. Most of those kinds of printed circuit board are made plain to fulfill one electric task.

History of PCB

Circuit BoardThe development of this PCB started in the early 20th century. The metal strips were initially used to connect on top of the wooden bases. Those metal strips were then replaced by wired connected to the screw materials. Then the wooden bases were then changed by metal chassis. During 1935, Charles Ducas submitted a patent application for a method of electroplating circuit patterns by printing through a stencil with special ink that could conduct electricity. This gave birth to the name “printed wiring”.

The US firm Hazeltine during 1961 patented the hole technology and its purpose in multi-layer PCBs. This causes the increase in component density and closely spaced paths. This started the new era in PCB design. During the 1970s, integrated circuits chips were introduced. This circuit is the keystone of the modern electronics.

It is also considered as the brains of the circuits. The integrated circuit is a group of electronic components all put into a tiny chip connected together to fulfill a specific task. This is one of the most commonly used circuits to this day. This is also the circuit that was quickly incorporated into the design of the PCB.

The composition of a PCB

The first thing to discuss the components of a PCB is the FR4. This base material gives the PCB its rigidity and thickness. The cheap FR4 lack durability since it will be made with materials such as phenolics or epoxies. If you are looking for a high quality and durable FR4 at a reasonable price, the materials of Imagineering.inc are the best place to look for one. Visit their website at www.pcbnet.com.

Printed Circuit BoardThe next one is the thin copper foil. It is common to be double sided on PCBs, applied on both sides of the board. Some PCBs may have copper only on one side for lower costs gadgets. The thickness of the copper can vary and can be indicated by weight.
Another thing is the layer on top of the copper foil which is the solder mask. This helps the worker solder the right places and prevent mistakes like solder jumpers. This layer is applied to most of the PCB, leaving metal traces or silver rings and SMD pad so they can be soldered. A solder mask is usually green but it could also come with different colors.

Lastly, the white silkscreen is applied on top of the solder mask. It adds letters, numbers, and symbols to label different parts of the PCB. This allows stress-free assembly and for better understanding for people working on a PCB. Sometimes, these labels are used to specify what the purpose of each pin is. This is usually white but it could also come with different ink color. Colors like black, gray, and red are also generally available.

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